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Name’s Philosophy

Basic idea of naming taken from the Airplane Blackbox. On the Airplane, Blackbox records all data about all airplane’s activities, then analyzes it to find a solution when there is a problem with the plane. Similarly, Blackbox Digital Solutions record all client data in the digital world and then analyze and find the problems thaht the brand has, and provide solutions and strategies to improve brand performances.

Contact Us: +62 821 2907 4268
Contact Us: +62821-2907-4268

Logo’s Philosophy

The logo consists of a triangular arrangement that forms a box, Three triangles represent the founders of the Blackbox consisting of three people. Three triangles with different colors represent three people with different points of view, expertise, and background but all pointing to one point that shows the same goal. There is one empty space to complete the form into a box. It represents openness to input from outside, both from the client or other sources, which will make it a whole that a stable space represented by a box.

Logo’s Color Philosophy


association :

Enthusiasm, heat, success, creativity

mood :

warmth, excitement


association :

depth, stability, wisdom, trust, confidence

mood :


Black to White

association :

neutrality, wisdom, intelligence, futuristic, resignation, stable, dignity, compromise

mood :

simplicity, clean